University of California Riverside

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In Navigators we value studying the Word and entrusting ourselves to others as we go through life. One of the ways we do this is through small group Bible Studies, which take place weekday nights. We study the Word with each other after an hour preparation on our own during the week. Come join us to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus and with each other. 

Another thing we do is Investigative Bible Discussions, or IBDs, where once a week we get together with a dorm floor or group of classmates to take a fresh look at what the Bible says about "Who is Jesus?" If you are new to reading the Bible this is a great place to learn more together.

To find out more about small group Bible Studies email us at:

Over the course of four years, Navs small groups go through several styles of studies.  Our aim is that when you graduate you will know how to study the Bible well for yourself and that you would be able to help those around you to do the same.

We believe we are on the earth to be salt and light, and ministers of the Gospel to those who don't yet know him. Our leadership groups will equip you with tools and techniques to share your faith more boldly and confidently, and teach you how to read the Bible with someone who doesn't yet know Him. With the tools learned in college our hope and prayer is that these four years will help you become a laborer for the Kingdom for the rest of your days and that you might take the Gospel to those you work with, live next to, and go through life with!